The Sarong Goddess' (aka Vicki Skinner)
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WELCOME TO the Sarong Goddess' (that's me - Vicki Skinner!)


I’m a DETAILS kinda gal which makes the Sarong Goddesses Costa Rica Eats Guide VERY unique from ALL the others!! 

This is the START of a work-in-progress (with you helping enhancing it) & was begun after remembering many of the challenges I went through getting started in my new home country (especially with REALLY limited Spanish [I call what I speak "Viclish"!!  You're heard of Spanglish?  My name is Vicki Skinner.  I throw out some words in English, add an "O" or an "A" to the end & MOST of the time I'm "no correcto" but I LAUGH at MYSELF which allows the other person the space to feel SAFE that they can "practico" what English they know & SOME HOW I get by & besides - it's MUCH more important that THEY improve their English to get better jobs right & I'm MORE than HAPPY to oblige/assist them.  This is course my excuse for being intimidated & lazy - added to I work in front of a computer 15++ hours a day hence don't get out much to practice!!]) though thanx to MANY people I've met along the way & the message boards like Costa Rica Living, Costa Rica Central Valley & MY Costa Rica Conscious Community, along with Daniel's Escazu News, GREAT taxi drivers & just exploring on my own – I’ve found MANY WONDERFUL sources!!! 

These are NOT “recommendations” – just sharin’ info I’ve gathered from MANY MANY sources. I make/receive NOTHING from this site!!!

I have not been actively working on it recently but will be during the holiday break but it does give you LOTS of valuable info to get you started.  Just double check/verify before going to a place – just in case!!  Bookmark this & keep checking back!!

I ask you if you feel you’ve benefited from this list & if you have some time on your hands and want to see it enhanced, might you volunteer/help (since NO profit or gain is coming from this – just sharin’ info) update this &/or add more info/resources to it???!!!!  

Even if you’re a busy person, perhaps you can simply help fill in the blanks on places you go to!!  The MOST IMPORTANT info is getting their hours & days (better yet – what holidays they’re open or closed), directions, an email address or website, names of anyone that speaks good enough English to help us with more limited English & whatever DETAILS you can get – whatever you can to enhance it for all of us & add more beauty & ease into ALL of our lives so we have more time to ENJOY [isn’t that part of why we’re in Costa Rica??!?!?!?]. 

Please e- me at  /  8-378-6679


Websites & Message Board on Restaurant/Food Info around Costa Rica

I've created 2 "sites" (photo storage areas) that have LOTS of pictures from the Escazu areas and in time, I’ll be putting the details on the restaurants under the pictures:
San Rafael de ESCAZU
Centro ESCAZU & San Antonio de ESCAZU:  -  This is an AWESOME – MOST UP TO DATE list of restaurants in the Escazu area!!! (GREAT JOB Daniel!!!)   -  This is an AWESOME Message Board though currently it’s not very active (why don’t you go on & start sharing – reactivate it!!).


The Tico Time’s “Restaurant Guide to Costa Rica” 
(the Tico Times is THE weekly gringo newspaper)


English/Spanish Translation list of Foods you might find on a Menu or in the Market.
I’ve started a list of English/Spanish Translations for Foods you might find on a Menu or in the Market:  or if you’d like a double column copy - e- me at:




I'm hoping to get off the ground with Laura & Phil some interesting FUN classes that WILL have a component on Dining/Marketing in Costa Rica where you also get to learn some basic Spanish!!  This will be geared towards Newbies (or people like me that are a bit "slow!!") & Toruists!!  It promises to be FUN!!:
(or those of us that have allowed ourselves to be limit by our fears of learning a new language!!  Start by learning what you NEED to know to get by!!  We'll have classes on what things are called within the house (including dealing with housekeepers), at the market (you'll visit a regular grocery store/market as well as take a trip to the Feria/Farmer's Market where you can try/taste various tropical treats & how to prepare them!), & you'll learn how to order at restaurants/ & what foods are what, How to Communicate with people (service workers, stores, etc.), Getting Around & MORE!!!  These classes are NOT traditional, they're NOT about grammar, etc. - just having FUN while learning what you need to start off/get by till you have the time/confidence to take on more!!  Group or private "sessions" are available!
TO Spanish

(On vacation & mainly want to feel a little more secure in getting around/communicate wth the people you're meeting/encountering?  We'll have 2 levels of classes  -  a 2-5 day more crash course & the other will be more of a fun/pseudo tour - dealing with getting around (via bus, driving, walking, taxis),  What are foods like in Costa Rica - taking you to the market (a regular grocery store/market but we'll also include a trip to the Feria/Farmer's Market where you can try/taste various tropical treats & how to prepare them!), & you'll learn how to order at restaurants/ & what foods are what, communicating with people (service workers, stores, etc.) & even a Nightlife Tour & MORE!!!  Group or private "sessions" are available!
LANGUAGE: English TO Spanish

Find this info helpful?  Since no profit is made from it, we GLADLY RECEIVE any GIFTS/Love Offerings you'd like to share.  You don't HAVE to be a a member of PayPal to send money!
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